New Transformers figures….that transform into classic game consoles like the Genesis and PS1? *Nerdgasm x100000000000000000*

Police attempt to arrest Deadpool cosplayer on his way to charity event……this shit literally sounds like something from one of his comics 0___o

Son gets to race against his Dad’s ghost on the original XBOX. It’s a bittersweet story I think many people could relate to and outta hear about


four page comic based on a salvia trip i had once where i became part of a bed blanket

Meanwhile me and CJ just shot the shit with one another wondering what the fuck was happening XD

"So whatcha thinkin about Scorpion?""Oh ya know….Fatalities n stuff"

"So whatcha thinkin about Scorpion?"
"Oh ya know….Fatalities n stuff"

Analysts are predicting the end of the Playstation Vita. I decide to weigh in on the subject and even give a big ass list of games that are well worth looking into on the system

Couple sell their children to support their gaming habit…..

Red Foreman and Al Bundy the two wisest TV Dad’s there ever will be

Red Foreman and Al Bundy the two wisest TV Dad’s there ever will be

Attack on Titan DDR style

Attack on Titan DDR style

Now for some very awesome gaming news. The American Red Cross is teaming up with the folks behind the Evil Within and Quakecon for a blood donation drive where you can get the Evil Within merch whenever you donate. So spread the word if you or anyone you know is going, it’s a good cause \m/

So now Gamestop is working with publishers so that you only get certain portions of their games if you bought it from Gamestop…..awesome…..ya know except for not

AlphaOmegaSin has fire…..should probably back away quickly

AlphaOmegaSin has fire…..should probably back away quickly

AlphaOmegaSin, The Game Chasers, 8 Bit Eric, and Alpha’s best friend since childhood are in a huge ass room filled with people…..naturally only good things can come of this

Wish my happy ass bought a building only to find 2 floors of arcade machines in perfect working order

Stomping fools in Bomberman again with the Game Chasers :D